MYOG saddlebag hack

I am a big fan of Alpkit and own various of their products, including a few spare drybags bought to try-out something inspired by an Alpkit post about making a saddlebag from their Airlock Xtra drybag. But all that cutting and sewing seemed rather unnecessary and a pretty good way to not make a drybag waterproof - I can sew on buttons but that is certainly it.

I had two seatpost packs that were nasty-looking, cheap things but bought because they where on offer for just £1 and they would surely come in handy. They did. I cannibalised them for parts - the clip attachment for the saddle and an inner piece of plastic used to provide rigidity and distribute the load.

The saddle clip and inner plastic are attached with bolts (low-profile heads on the inside so they do not snag the contents) with four small holes carefully poked through the drybag for the bolts. The bolts are tight, which should minimise water ingress, but I have also put small dabs of marine silicone sealant on the holes.

A drybag turned inside-out and with the plastic rigid-ity bit attached

I used a 3ltr (costs £5.50) and a 13ltr (£8.50) Airlock Xtra, suitable for a day-trip and a bike-packing trip, respectively. No need for an additional harness - the saddle clip, straps, and a velcro strap around the seatpost keep things secure. No cutting and sewing required. Boom.