Tinkering with my mtb

My hardtail has been neglected for a couple of months following a new-found love of road cycling. I had made some component changes but had not yet tried my new set-up, so I had a run to the Pentland Hills on Sunday. Before the pictures, here is a run-down of the changes.

Added slightly wider bars - 750mm - to go with the 50mm stem. I can not go back to narrower now. In the last two years I have gone 585 (admittedly this was just on a crappy commuter) > 685 > 720 > 750.

Dropped the front mech and the 9-speed and have gone 10*1. I went for 11-36 rear and 32 front. This honestly fits all eventualities even at the Pentlands, and the simplicity is a real delight. Got a new 10-speed cassette, chain, rear shifter, rear mech, all in SLX. Up front is now a single 32T Renthal chainring. Also fitted a Superstar chainkeeper just in case.

Finally, On-One Smorgasbord 2.2 tyres. I have not had much experience with different tyres, but these feel very, very good: grippy, bouncy and not too draggy.

Oh, forgot, and a Charge Spoon saddle.

The changes really make the bike into a very different beast that is now optimised for thrashing around the hills. I am REALLY happy with this new set-up, with all the changes together somehow hitting the sweet spot for me.

So, so lucky to live in such an amazing city as Edinburgh, and with the Pentlands just six miles away. Mile and miles of trails that I've still yet to discover...

Anyway, to the bike: