Kit list

After months spent carefully researching the best stuff for weight versus price (which is as much fun as actually using it!) and snagging bargains when they appeared, I have collected my core bike-packing and bivvying kit. Happy with everything on the list, and I don't think I've compromised anything so that I'll have to re-buy an alternative in future.

Top row:
Alpkit Airo 180 mat (616g); Rab Ascent 3-4 season bag (just about, but probably not quite, stuffed into an Alpkit 8ltr bag) (1456).

Middle row:
Rab Storm bivi bag (524); Terra Nova Competition 2 tarp 3m x 2.5m (515); 1.2m pole stolen from my Argos Tiger Paws tent (80); plenty of paracord lines with Line-Loks (92); Alpkit titanium pegs (61); mini lantern (28); cheapo inflatable pillow (55).

Bottom row:
Antibacterial wipes and gel; tooth bush/-paste; large hip-flask containing 8oz of Black Russian; meths (101); MYOG supercat stove (6); waterproof matches (15); wind-proof lighter (49); MYOG pot (115); Spork (10); Orikaso fold-flat dish, bowl and cup (110).