Hanging up my boards for the summer

I wanted to get my boards out of the way but not have them laying flat (it might knack the camber, I dunno). Saw these Burton thingies but they cost £10 per board, so I dreamt this up. It is dead simple, works really well and is dirt cheap, a few pence
You'll just need:
Spirit level. Screwdriver Drill 2" screws (the kind without the thread all the way to the head). Rawl plugs. Screw head caps

Measure the board waist an inch or so in from its widest point. Drill two holes that distance and level. Add rawl plugs, put caps on the screws and screw them in leaving the head protruding about 1-1.5cm. The board actually rests on the screws, not the caps. While the board is in place, adjust to the screw so that the cap is near the board but not tight up to it. It works with both my rocker and normal camber boards. Coolio.