New sleeping bag

After two uncomfortable nights freezing during my trip to Cairngorm last September using a cheapo sleeping bag with a supposed rating of 0°C, I needed to spend some money on a descent 3 season bag, but with an eye on budget.

I was after something like Alpkit's Pipedream 400 or 600 but got fed up with the  (lack of) stock control. A few hours browsing and I made an impulse purchase at the right price: a Rab Ascent 700 sleeping bag. 

For all its failings, the GoOutdoors can result in some real bargains. Rated as 3 to 4 season: comfort -5°C, limit of comfort -12°C, extreme -31°C. I now reckon my old bag was bigging itself up and quoting its extreme rating.

Now I need to give it a test run. Thinking about a night in the Pentlands but am being a bit nesh what with the current snow and cold...